YouTube Copyright Infringement and Copyright Verification

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YouTube, Copyright Infringement, and Copyright Verification
You Tube, a social network, is a site that contains a variety of works from artistic to personal, such as, games and software, both audio and audio visual material, dramatic plays and written works. To protect and acknowledge these works, a copyright is used. Copyright is a type of intellectual property law. It is a legal notion in most states that protect original piece of work of an individual earning them the right of exclusivity. This is usually for a period of short time to allow the architect of a piece of work to meet needs through financial gain. After that short period of time, one may be allowed to copy but should give credit to the original owner. It also decides those that possibly will use their work in other forms of work and presentations.3
A lot of individuals usually mistake trademark for copyright. Trademark is used in a brand to identify a name, logo, and slogan from similar competitive products. Another important fact that should be noted is that copyright is different from patent right. The latter is protection of once invention.
Under copyright, an individual owning a material in YouTube is given the privilege to use them in certain precise way. It only protects real materials, not facts, ideas and process one has. To obtain a copyright, a piece of work ought to be fitted to a tangible material. In some cases materials can be subjected to copyright infringement. Infringement is an act that violates a copyright. This can be through copy, duplicating and reproducing a piece of work.4
Individual materials fixed in YouTube do not guarantee an
individual to copyright. Hence, when a dispute is presented due to right of ownership, certain procedural steps are taken to ensure parties claiming rights settle their issues.
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When such issues arise, they remove that material from their website-YouTube to give time to disputing parties to settle and resolve their own issues.
Copyright verification
In YouTube, copyright can be granted to an individual that wishes, in form of content ID.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that when a dispute is presented due to copyright, certain procedural steps are taken to ensure parties claiming rights settle their issues.
  • Explains that copyright can be granted to an individual who wishes, in form of content id. it is also used in scanning contents in youtube database to determine whether it matches similar contents.
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