You Simply Ask Me

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You simply ask me “why I should be FashPhenomenon's prom queen?” My reasoning’s why have nothing to do with success, competition or fame. Just A brief description of who I am and yet to become. I’m just an ordinary teenage female expressing her thoughts through her writing. As I think about yesterdays past it brings me to a road where there are no turns. I must stop and share my sorrow as I ease the pain on paper. After being together for many years the definition of love was finally defined by both mother and father. My mother was conceived at the age of seventeen by my father. Both individuals were still attending High School. After my father found out he was going to be a father he denied me as his child. He then made my mother take a DNA test to determine whether or not I was really his child. My mother dropped out of high school and was alone for awhile, not having anyone to help her with her needs. I was given the name Ashley Ann Rodriguez on December 28,1991. I am nineteen years old and a senior attending New Dorp High School. I am the oldest out of my four other siblings. The perfect definition to describe my lifestyle is "struggle." Growing up in my shoes wasn't as pleasant as life should be. I was never given the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of a stable home. It was more like a home that was just happy having the ability to spend quality time with your loved ones. Life as a young girl was difficult having to move from place to place, from living in shelters to living with friends and family members. My mother was a single mother who didn't care about many things in her life other then her relationships and drinking problem. I would constantly watch my mother get beaten by so many men and there was nothing that... ... middle of paper ... ...t, letting others know that your teenage years should be the best years of your life having fun, getting out there meeting new people and trying brand new things throughout life. I am here to express my talents and creativity in fashion from my point of view. This year is almost coming to an end, but I’m glad all my senior activities are almost here. I can honestly say that my senior year was difficult. When it came to expenses I wasn’t sure who to run to for help. Reasons being I come from a low income family so it was difficult to get money . My prom day is on May 27th 2011 and I can honestly say that I cant wait and I am very excited for it. I am proud to have made it this far in life so please give me the chance to enjoy this exciting opportunity. It would make my grandmother so proud of me and will also look good on my behalf as an idol for my younger siblings.
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