You Mean Anarchism Isn’t All About Chaos?

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You Mean Anarchism Isn’t All About Chaos?
Social activist Lucy Parsons once said, “Anarchism has but one infallible, unchangeable motto, "Freedom." Freedom to discover any truth, freedom to develop, to live naturally and fully." Anarchism then, is being able to live and not be ruled by a government, but instead to live by one’s own means in order to increase the good for oneself and others who share the common belief. Human beings are capable of making the decisions. Instead of being ruled by one, anarchists live by agreement on decisions that will work for everyone.
Like anarchism, conservatism, liberalism, and libertarianism, have different views as to how one should be governed or ruled. Conservatism is the belief that traditional principles should be kept intact. Liberalism is the belief that one should be free to progress and that government should be used to protect this. Lastly, libertarianism is the belief that individual rights are protected by and acknowledged by the government. While these three stances are what others stand for, I believe that anarchism is the stance that most closely aligns to my beliefs such as the views on relationships and sexuality, technological advances, and nationalism. Therefore, anarchism is my belief of choice because of the acceptance and freedom that is given through it.
As times have progressed, we have seen a tremendous growth in the acceptance of many different relationships such as gay, lesbian, and transgendered. But to some, relationships out of the “ordinary” to them should not be allowed to happen. Although some places and people have now accepted gay marriage, there are also those who prohibit two men, two women, and so on and so forth, to get married. In an anarch...

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...come a part of them.
Anarchism may not be the only stance one is able to take, but it is a very influential view with ideas that could change the world that we live in today. Through many of its beliefs, anarchism has the potential to improve the lives of others in ways that one never though possible. If we were to change to anarchy, people can work together, be treated equally, and find ways to improve their lives. Although anarchism does not have a government that holds it together, it manages to keep groups of people together through their trust and compromises. It’s possible for people to live without others telling them how to live. It is not a way of chaos and destruction; rather, it is a way that you can live without being told you can’t do certain things. Instead, you can work with others to find what is best for everyone who has chosen to coopera

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  • Explains that anarchism is being able to live by one's own means in order to increase the good for oneself and others who share the common belief.
  • Explains that conservatism, liberalism, and libertarianism have different views on how one should be governed or ruled.
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