You Look Like Death

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The phone conversation with Elizabeth prevented Tara from focusing her attention on work. She confused drink orders between two tables, causing grief for the server, and forgot to add alcohol to a drink for a bar patron. “What’s going on with you?” Steven, one of the young bartenders, asked. “You were fine until you went on break.” “I got a call that messed up my brain. Would you mind taking care of drink orders and I’ll stock the bar and clean?” “Yeah. I hate cleaning up.” She emptied the sink, stacked glasses into the plastic bin and carried them into the kitchen for washing, emptied the trash and filled liquor bottles. All the while, she worried about her immediate future. The only way she could give Lilly a decent future was to make changes in her life. For starters, she could no longer spend her nights and weekends tending bar. She wanted an office job with predictable pay and daytime hours. To reach that goal, she’d have to return to school. The only way she could juggle work and classes was to move in with Margie. They lived close enough that Lilly would continue in t...
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