You Have the Right to Remain Silent or Not

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You Have the Right to Remain Silent or Not Good cop/bad cop- “A team of two interrogators who take apparently opposing approaches to the subject. The interrogators may interview the subject alternately or may confront the subject at the same time.” – CIA Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual C.S.I., Criminal Minds, Law and Order, all were television shows that seemed to portray how a thorough interrogation was executed, but just how equivalent do detectives carry out their interrogations? Do they really utilize good cop/ bad cop at every single one, or is the interrogations executed in a highly different methodology all-together? David Vessel stated, “Obtaining information that an individual does not want to provide constitutes the sole purpose of an interrogation.” There have been many victorious interrogations that have aided with the arresting of notorious criminals, and several failed interrogations that led to a culpable suspect leaving the building without relaying any information to officers. Although there have been many victorious interrogations that have aided in capturing countless killers, one example of a confession evasion was Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer. Gary was interviewed several times by detectives and seemed to be very cooperative. He was brilliant, and somehow passed a polygraph test, claiming that he didn’t kill any of the women he was accused of (Green River Killer). The questions stands of where do detective go wrong when they are trying conduct a thorough interrogation? While interrogations may seem easy, they are highly serious and risky. One wrong move and a criminal could uphold valuable information or demand a lawyer, jeopardizing a case. Criminal interrogations are very psychologicall... ... middle of paper ... ...3). WBUR. Retrieved from: Jayne, B. C., & Buckley, J. P. (n.d.). The Reid Technique of Interrogation. Reid. Retrieved from: The Influence of the Beatles on Charles Mansin. (n.d.). Law2. Retrieved from: All About Jeffrey Dahmer. (2011). All About Serial Killers. Retrieved from: The Reid Interrogation Technique. (n.d.). Second Call Defense. Retrieved from Scott, S. L. (n.d.) What Makes Serial Killers Tick? Crime Library. Retrieved from:

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