You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader by Sanborn

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Stop and take a moment to think. I bet there is someone in your life that amazes you and that you look up to. They do not have a fancy title or anything, but they are always doing selfless acts without a second thought. After reading this book you will realize that these people are leaders that as Sanborn says “You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader.”
A leader is an extraordinary individual who shows encouragement, exhibits friendly behavior, listens attentively, gives without wanting something, and has the ability to assess and initiate things single-handedly. These people make every effort to go for what is just slightly out of reach. They might not be noticed or praised for what they have done; they do it to make a positive difference in the world with or without a title.
Sanborn believes that nothing is too small, and all the choices that are made have a ripple effect on everyone. Leaders are not out to make themselves happy, they are here to make a positive difference. In addition, having firm moral and ethical character is more memorable than any person with a title could be. As Sanborn writes, “Fame is based on what we get in life, but true greatness is based on what we give in life. It is contribution through action” (Sanborn, 2006, p. 14).
There are many different powers of leadership: Self-mastery is where it all begins. Self-mastery tells us that we should not let what we cannot control, control us, but instead master it and use it to our advantage. Even though things begin to look out-of-control, remind yourself that as an effective leader you should think of these situations as “opportunities rather than an obligation” (Sanborn, 2006, p. 29).
We have the option of how we want to live our lives; however, as a true lea...

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...u want help, kindness, support and encouragement. Then give these things, it is amazing the gift and feeling it gives you in return.
Making a positive difference in this world leaves a lifelong mark on the world. Everyone makes a difference with their actions and behaviors no matter how big or small. We all want to feel significant like we contributed or made an impact for the next generation. We may not be able to hold their hands but we can prepare them for the road ahead.
As an extraordinary leader, you are becoming a more effective and influential, you will leave something behind that motivates and leaves a lasting mark on someone. Or as better put by Sanborn himself, “the marks in life we leave—our legacies—are most often left not in stone and steel, in history and politics, or poetry and literature, but in the lives of other people” (Sanborn, 2006, p. 102).
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