You Are Killing Yourself Slowly

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United States citizens consume too much of what is irrelevant for the body and not enough of what is demanded. “Americans need to consume more fruits and vegetables, especially dark green and orange vegetables and legumes. Nutritionists must help consumers realize that, for everyone older than age 3 years, the new recommendations for fruit and vegetable intakes are greater than the familiar five servings a day” ( Guenther 1371-379 ) When traveling around America, noticing the eating habits of each state is important and hard to miss. Eating what you want, when you want is okay, as long as you are canceling it out with exercise. Being obese and being overweight are completely different. Americans have created programs like jenny craig and weight watchers to influence others to become healthier. But in reality no one wants to spend numerous amounts on eating programs when paying their house payment in this economy has become difficult. If the nation as a whole would realize that paying 8 dollars for a hamburger and paying 1 dollar for a hamburger could make a big difference in the future. The cheaper hamburger will be the root cause in more doctor bills. So you see the more expensive hamburger cost more upfront but is more cost-efficient in the future. Or even eating the cheaper hamburger, if one eats the cheaper hamburger then a gym membership should be in the question. Gym memberships are about 30 dollars a month and could gradually increase your health: heart, metabolism, etc. Speaking of cost, if companies employees would consider becoming healthier their insurance premiums would decrease dramatically. Homosapiens should concider things like not being so lazy, then maybe their health care test would not come back so abnormal. “According to a recent food and health survey, 52% of Americans polled believe it’s easier to do their taxes than to figure out how to eat
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