Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea

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Yonsei University is located in Seoul South Korea. It is a private research university established in 1885. Its mascot is the Eagle, and theme color is royal blue. Its founder Mr. Horace Grant Underwood graduated from NYU, he was an educator, missionary, and a translator that dedicated his life to developing the Korean society and Christianity. To thank Mr. Underwood for all his hard work and dedication Underwood International College was named after him. Just like the American Ivy leagues, Korea too has its own ivy league. SKY stands for Korea’s prestigious top three university. “S” being Seoul National University (SNU), “K” being Korea University, and “Y” being Yonsei University. Both claiming to be the best university, Korea University and Yonsei University had always had a very long rivalry, probably one of the biggest and longest out of all the Korean University. Yonsei not only is one of the most prestigious school but one of the best looking university, all year round even though the different seasons changes the campus is still as beautiful as can be not to mention its Yonsei has many state of the art facility. Summing up all the campuses Yonsei is around 902 acre, with an estimate of 38, 725 student enrolled.

Located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea where all the exciting events and places to go are. Seoul is a very urban city, most people who live in the busy city of Seoul are business mens and women. An estimate of the size of the city is 233.67 sq. miles with a population consisting of around 10,442,426 people. Seoul is consider to be one of the leading rising global cities. Enterprises such as Samsung group, LG, Hyundai are all south korean corporation who are now all one of the global leading companies. For the...

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...k some basic Korean, but not fluent. Living in a foreign country not knowing much about it will be very difficult of course. Being away from home and my family will probably be one of the biggest obstacle I’ll have to cope with. Since I am so used to living here in California with my family for most of my life moving to a unfamiliar place without them would be very lonely. Yet then again living in a different and foreign environment will have lots to teach me about life, and the new culture I will be experiencing.

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