Yoga Essay: Power Yoga For Mental Stability

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Power Yoga for mental stability Many years ago I read a quote from Brad Ramsey on Ashtanga Yoga that stated: “It’s addictive and that’s the way it works. Nobody would go through that unless it was addictive.” I didn’t get what was so great about this odd form of extended stretching. Little did I know, a little bit of time went by and this practice changed my understanding of the relationship that truly exist between my body and my mind. “Yoga can supposedly improve depressive symptoms and immune function as well as decrease chronic pain.” This claims have all been made by yogis over the years. Surprisingly, however, everything is supported by scientific research. Maybe it sounds a little ‘hocus pocus’ to believe that standing on your head or your hands, doing certain breathing exercises could be so good for your mind but is NOT. It’s called neuroscience and it comes down to this: your mind can change your brain. Moving trough a posture can change your brain’s activity. Yoga postures or asanas can put pressure on parts of the body helping them to reach the balance that is needed to fe...

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