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Over the past couple of years, the number of athletes getting caught for doping has been on the rise and has been a main headline in the news. Previous drug scandals, those involving, Ben Johnson and Lance Armstrong have hampered their sports respectively. This has undermined sporting achievements on a local scale such as, Wilmslow high schools rugby team success over the years to a global scale, Usain Bolt winning numerous Olympic gold medals. As this happens, it is less and less the athletes' natural ability and motivation that gives them the edge and more their equipment and expenditure. You wonder, is it actually worth the risk to take performance enhancing drugs? A huge sum of money is normally offered if you win a competition which may entice athletes to dope as if it all goes to plan, you can be financially assured for life. Some greedy athletes desperate for “a quick fix” are willing to do this. For example, winning a gold medal in the Olympics can earn you an exceedingly good amount of money from your country, additional sponsorships which can be very lucrative and increased publicity broadens the amount of TV appearances likely to happen. It’s a win, win situation. Another reason is the pressure being put on athletes by fellow teammates, governments and national authorities. In the 1960s and 70s, eastern European countries like Russia put a lot of pressure on their athletes to perform to improve the national image. Athletes not good enough turned to performance enhancing drugs to meet the government demand and not get a pay cut. There is still evidence to suggest that behind the scenes, Russia is giving bribes to athletes to take performance enhancing drugs. The athletes involved have health risks and repetition on th... ... middle of paper ... ...hletes. When researching the topic drugs in sport, one thing was particularly surprising. Some athletes can easily get away with doping without any risks. The reason for it is the most startling. It can be because their gene makeup masks the use of drugs. I found this particularly strange as this could mean other athletes have doped without knowing. Maybe Bolt has? Some people have the impunity gene which masks the use of drug use without attempting to. This means many athletes could have used drugs without anyone knowing and won competitions. This is a major flaw in the drug prevention system. With a lot of athletes taking performance enhancing drugs, despite the bans in question, I decided to find out what sport organisations are pushing for legalisation of drugs in sport. In Australia, the Australian Crime Commission is pushing to legalize performance enhancing

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