Yin and Yang

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My entire artwork is done in a more-or-less “cartoonish” way. Partly this is because I wanted to retain the artistic style of Arnold from Sherman Alexie’s novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and partly because I regard drawing cartoons very highly. Drawing cartoons is usually associated with setting a light and humorous tone. For me, cartoons display a form of creative expression that lets me bring out my feelings, something I can’t seem to do with an oil painting or a watercolor. While many view cartoons as an amateur and inferior branch of art, I favor cartoons as one of art’s highest forms. The left side of my artwork shows a monochrome figure with a heart labeled “hope.” Deep inside, my heart is figuratively filled with hope. When sad and grievous things happen in my family, I often find that clinging to hope for my future helps me shake off tragedies and lets me excel in the future. On a more surface level, or the colorful figure on the right, my heart is filled with music, as it calms my spirits and helps me control my mind. Whenever I have time to myself, I listen to, play, or compose music. Whereas many others reside to watching movies or playing games as a way to relax, music is generally my way to unwind. The backbone, or my motivation, of my artwork is also very figurative. On the outside, I would say I am driven by my dreams. I have always wanted hopes and dreams to come true, and my actions are all affected by these desires. However, I am more results-oriented on the outside. Instead of being motivated by big dreams, I am more driven by my will to accomplish goals. Internally, I am one who often dreams, but externally I am someone who wants to get things done. On both sides of my ... ... middle of paper ... ...kid, and thankfully exclaims, “If you let people into your life a little bit, they can be pretty damn amazing” (129). In the past, I usually didn't let others help me, but now I find that having other people help me makes me very happy. After his grandmother’s funeral, Arnold narrates, “We lived and died together” (166) about the unity he feels along with his family on the reservation. Arnold has a strong emotional bond with his family, and I feel that I am very close with my family as well. Whenever something sad happens to someone in my family, I feel sad as well. Finally, after the death of his sister, Arnold states, “In the middle of a crazy and drunk life, you have to hang onto the good and sober moments tightly” (216). I agree with Arnold that the world is very complex, and I think that if the happiest moments are forgotten life will be nothing but worry.

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