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The first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the word ''evolving'' is pokemon. The player fights his or her pokemon to level it up, which allows some pokemon to transform into it's evolved form. The evolved form is a new pokemon, but it is ultimately just a better version of its previous self and can be a real asset to continuing the journey towards becoming a Pokemon Master. The pokemon doesn't just automatically turn into it's strongest form. It is a long, gradual process of battling to turn a squirtle into a wartortle and then into it's final form blastoise. How does this relate to society? Society started out as a basic form, starting back in times of the first people, and has continuously grown into the society we have today. What does it really mean to say that society is evolving? To answer this question, evolution must be defined. The most intriguing definition, according to, is a motion incomplete in itself, but combining with coordinated motions to produce a single action, as in a machine. By accepting this definition as true, Durkheim, Simmel, Marx, and Weber would agree that society is evolving. Each sociologist forms their philosophy based on a specific aspect of society: Durkheim focuses on the complexity of the division of labor and secularization of society; Simmel focuses on urbanization; Marx focuses on class conflict from historical materialism; and Weber focuses on the development of bureaucracy, capitalism, and rationalization. Like in pokemon evolution, these sociologists show how each aspect has evolved to adapt to social changes, which they all work together to create society. DURKHEIM According to Durkheim, people act in a manner based on the conscious collective. The conscious collectiv... ... middle of paper ... ...n the amount of wealth a person has, leading to the evolution of social classes (Classes, 48). Looking at Pokemon, gym leaders have the most prestige because they have the most powerful pokemon within their gym. CONCLUSION Society is evolving. Durkheim, Simmel, Marx, and Weber all have different notions about what makes society go, but they all agree that it is going. Durkheim says that the complexity of the division of labor and secularization of society has evolved; Simmel says that increased urbanization is evolution; Marx says that class conflict is evolution; and Weber says that the development of bureaucracy, capitalism, and rationalization is evolution. Each aspect works together to contribute to the whole of society. Just like a specific legendary pokemon is unique to every Pokemon game, each theoretical explanation is unique to the development of society.

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