Year Round Schooling

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Year Round Schooling

The education system in the United States is an ever-evolving institution. As a country we have progressed from one-room schoolhouses, to segregated classrooms, to online learning environments. Congress is constantly passing legislation to better our public school systems and minimize costs to taxpayers. Individual states have also implemented various new systems to try and maximize their education potential. One such alternative is year round schooling. Year round schooling has become increasingly popular over the past few decades and is still a rapidly growing trend.

Year round schooling is defined as the reorganization of the traditional nine-month calendar so that summer vacation is replaced by several smaller breaks throughout the year. Originally, the nine-month school year was set up to benefit agrarian societies so that children could be home to work on family farms during the summer harvest season. This type of school calendar is becoming out of date because of a decline in farming societies and changing lifestyles. In households where both parents work, the three-month summer vacation can make it difficult to find appropriate and affordable childcare.

There are three basic variations of the year round school calendar: a single-track system, a multi-track system, and an extended year system. In single-track system, vacation is scheduled throughout the year in periods called intercessions, and class size is not reduced to accommodate more students. One of the most common variations of the single-track system is known as the 45:15:45 system. This is when students have nine weeks of school followed by three weeks of break. The multi-track system is used when ...

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