Year Round School: Better for Everyone?

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Are year round schools better for everyone? Year round schooling has been around since 1800. Many people believe that year round school is a topic that should not be allowed. Many schools have stopped having year round school due to agricultural reasons. Year round school is not an extension of the year, just a reorganization of it. Year round school allows schools to prevent overcrowding.
Year round school will benefit everyone. Year round school allows students to receive better grades, remember what they learned, and it gives them more time you learn.
Year round school allows students to receive better grades. More time in school results in more time learning. The students will perform better in classes. Research shows that more time in school improves the grades they make. Academic learning time is the time in which students are engaged in learning. (Silva). More time in school should result in more learning for students. The change of time in school means for a change in time in for learning. More learning creates better grades for students. There is research which shows the addition of having high-quality teaching time benefits everyone. Low-income students and the others with little opportunity are the ones who benefit the most from more time in school. Students also tend to behave better when they have more guidance. (Silva). Many of the students who benefit from year round school have better opportunities. Not every student can learn as fast as the others. Students need one-on-one attention and with more school, those students are able to receive the attention they need. Education shapes a person’s future. Children will be able to gain knowledge with longer time learning the standard subjects such as: English, History...

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... sooner. Students will begin to achieve better grades. Students will be able to contain the information learned easily due to having less time off from school. Does everyone really benefit from year round school? The answer is yes. Year round school created a wide variety of achievement and better opportunities for everyone.

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