Yankee Doodle Analysis

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The History and Present State of Virginia was first published in 1705 and it was compromised of four parts: “The History of the First Settlement of Virginia”, “The Natural Productions and Conveniences of the Country”, “The Native Indians, their Religion, Laws, and Customs, in War and Peace” and lastly “The present State of the Country, as to the Polity of the Government, and the Improvements of the Land”. The book first appeared in London and it was three hundred pages of text with fourteen engravings. It was the best source of information on Virginia at its time. The book is formed of Robert Beverley’s personal observations and stories he heard. It also uses borrowed material, both published and unpublished alike, and it relies heavily upon…show more content…
But the most common legend of the song is that it was written by Shuckburg to poke fun at New Englanders who fought in the French and Indian War. The original lyrics were said to be “‘With his commission he had got, He proved an errand coward, He dared not go to Cape Brenton, For fear he’d be devoured’” (AMP). The “Yankee Doodle” song was later published in Boston, but it had many lyric deviations from its original and it also went through a title change, its newer title was “Father and I Went Down to Camp”. The song was also extended into fifteen verses. The song has gone through many different changes to the one we know as todays “Yankee Doodle”. The song has been censored many times and it a very popular nursery rhyme and song. There is not much information on the original writer of “Yankee Doodle”, Dr. Richard Shuckburg, but he is rumored to have been a surgeon during the French and Indian War in Albany, New…show more content…
It was also the first commercially successful song that was written by a woman. The song is about a Native American girl who is singing about her warrior while she travels down the Juniata river. Marion Dix Sullivan is known as the first American woman to write a successful song and her songs are referred to in Mark Twain’s autobiography. Marion also wrote many more songs but none were able to reached the popularity that “The Blue Juniata” hit. African American music was also becoming popular around this time along with more women music artists, proof that times were

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