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Yael Meyer-Littlle Footprint, Big Heart Being able to play with nine different instruments is not the same as being able to use your vocal abilities as a vehicle for change. Yael Meyer is a singer/songwriter whose road of life is full of endearing possibilities. She makes environmental awareness as tangible as her lyrics are touching. Yael’s finest instrument is her voice which complements each of the nine instruments she can proficiently play. Listeners can connect themselves to their underlying feelings and when they buy the digital version of her Heartbeat E.P. album, they also leave the common carbon print of the traditionally pressed album behind. Listeners can look forward to a bevy of songs sculpted from real life experiences and take refuge in the glorious frame of mind she sets with the inclusion of each apparatus. A song can come Yael’s way when she is walking down the street or when she has finally hopped in bed which is her favorite place to write. Yael says, “Usually the initial inspiration/spark comes on it's own as does the message or idea behind the lyrics. Then I sit and spend a lot of time crafting and working it out, editing myself.” When she is facing her challenges head on she uses the songwriting process as a form of therapy. She does not believe that writing and editing herself simultaneously is healthy which is why she separates the procedures. She revisits what she wrote then makes the necessary edits. Meyer is unable to sing a song before a live audience unless she feels that her honest message is revealing a realistic truth about herself. Yael explains, “Whatever I am singing or playing has to be coming out of a deep part of me that is who I really am or else it wouldn't feel right. So when I writ... ... middle of paper ... ... voice is just one of many instruments she has at her disposal. Meyer never rushes the songwriting process because allowing herself not to judge her own emotions is vital to maintain a balanced livelihood. The source of her material ranges from romantic love to family and likewise her life is a testament to healthy living. Yael encourages the use of environmentally friendly album materials such as vegetable ink and recycled paper. Her goal to live a minuscule carbon footprint or none at all is a reflection of how an artist can take environmental matters into her own hands. By striving to be as responsible of a human being as her parents taught her she is inadvertently teaching other how small efforts all have great collective benefits for the ecosystem. Yael Meyer’s system for songwriting is as efficient as contributions are helpful to worthwhile organizations.

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