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My eighth grade English teacher was so excited. She said history was being made right before our very eyes, but the only thing I was worried about was finishing my math homework before the bell rang for sixth period. On the television we watched a single man change the entire world. I was stuck on problem number six. That day was January, 20th, 2009 and Barack Obama had just become our 44th president.
Five years earlier, while I was sitting at a different desk, at a different school, in a different town, Illinois Senate Candidate, Barack Obama, gave the Democratic Keynote Address in Boston. He started his speech with the story of the son of a domestic servant living in Kenya. The boy herded goats and went to school in a tin roofed shack. You would think that this boy probably would never amount to much, would just be another face in a crowd of billions, but this young man had dreams, for his future children. Through hard work and dedication, he earned a scholarship to a school in America, the land of opportunity and made a good life for himself and his family. The young man he spoke...
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