Xyz's International Expansion Case Study

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XYZ, Inc.’s International Expansion Change is a part of every organization. Change could occur on any level and affect all personnel within the organization, some more than others. When considering on expanding the organization, there are many considerations of the type and management of changes that are to occur. These concerns are even greater when considering taking the company to a global manner. This paper will discuss one of various organizational change models that can be used during the short-term, small-scale change of globalizing the company to China; there will also be a discussion on a selected model for a large-scale, long-term globalization change to the B.R.I.C countries; included within these descriptions, will be the effects that the employees, managers, and executives will have to encounter due to the international expansion. As an executive of any company, there will be considerations on how to improve and expand the organization. Expanding, if done…show more content…
This change tool is a good choice when considering international expansion in a long-term result. There is a complete usage of all personnel within the organization. Appreciative inquiry “starts by involving a large group of individuals that includes leaders, employees, members external to the organization (e.g., customers, partners, suppliers), and then moves across groups with designated individuals in each group recording main insights to be combined and analyzed.” (Weiss, 2012) As with any tool, there is going to be steps or phases that need to be utilized to achieve the proper success. With appreciative inquiry, there are four phases: discovery, dream, design, and destiny. XYZ will identify the benefits and successes from the short term international expansion to Shanghai and utilize them to further expansions. These identifications can be compiled from the different

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