Xenotransplantation Essay

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Mustafa Enes Şahin
Eng 102 Sec: 30
Ayşe Akçam
Research Paper Question: What factors should be considered when deciding xenotransplantation?
There have been numerous developments in the subject of biotechnology. One of these advancements contains xenotransplantation. It is the transplantation of living tissues, cells or organs from one species to another. For example, it covers transplantation of vital organs like heart, kidney and also skin graft, bone transplant s, corneal transplants. The purpose of human xenotransplantation is that it proposes a possible solution for the problem of the shortage in human organs because the number of accessible organs is not equal to the number of needed organs. For instance, according to M. Anderson’s article the number of people waiting for an allotransplant (it refers to a same-species transplant such as human-to-human.) is progressively increasing without organ donations. In addition, approximately half of those demanding an organ transplant will die while on the organ donor waiting list (Anderson 205). Furthermore, it can also be used to treatment other illness where there is a scarcity of human material accessible such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, diabetes. As we can see, in theory xenotransplantation provides good solution for human beings, however, when look at the history we cannot see same good things. For instance, in 1964, a scientist who is Keith Reemstma transplanted a chimpanzee kidney into a human with end period nephritic disease, increasing the participator’s life a record nine months (Anderson 205). However, there is another case which is Baby Fae. In this case doctors transplanted a baboon hearth into the baby and he survived just four w...

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...ticle some diseases rooted in animals such as HIV, Ebola, and Hepatitis B Therefore, xenotransplantation may cause new and dangerous diseases which are undiscovered. In addition, the most significant problem is the risk of spreading infectious illnesses to the broader population. For this reason, according to Mark J. Hanson xenotransplantation represents a possible danger to the communal well-being even though it supplies a few advantage to individual patients. Moreover, according to Olakanmi and Purdy pigs harbor a diversity of identified and unidentified bacteria and viruses and also according to Mark J. Hanson article pigs are often used as a source for heart valves and sometimes for skin transplant. These evidences demonstrate that this situation may cause an epidemic because some organisms may harmless to pigs but they might be a source of danger to humans.
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