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Validating XML is important in ensuring information contained within a document contains program compatible vocabulary and structure according to Fawcett et al (2012). As one of the methods of validating an XML document, DTD or document type definition provides a basic method of checking and defining the internal structure. This method has been noted as overly basic as it does not use XML language and is therefore very limited in syntax. As a viable successor to DTD Schemas can provide a wealth of benefits, but are argued by many as overly complex. Is the Schema the best solution for validation or could the DTD be improved in order to provide a simpler, even less verbose way to define XML structure and document validation. Examining the strengths and weaknesses of DTDs can provide the necessary information to further this discussion

A Document Type Definition becomes necessary when validating structure of the document according to w3Schools (2000), as this enables a comparison of structural elements with the document tags. This defining allows an easier interpretation of structure from other developers and further characterizes the format of the document in an application independent format notes Refsnes, (2003).
Benefits include; (Fawcett et al, 2012), (Kakkar,2012)
• Precision in language description
• Standards based
• Simple declaration structure
• Some structural control of quantity, cardinality, etc.
• Define substitutions or default structure

These benefits allow for a document that can substitute required information, in order to simplify some user input. Also simple validation of tagging structure helps ensure application errors can be mitigated prior to production release. However this simple structure co...

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