Wuthering Heights Critical Analysis

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The Hurting People of the Wuthering Heights
The dark, twisted pathways of Emily Bronte’s the Wuthering Heights lead many of the characters into a chaotic cycle of pain. Some experience a life where sadness meets happiness, and dreams turn into reality. Interestingly, this reality remains uncertain as does the very title “Wuthering” that suggests storms and difficulty. The characters all physically know one another, but mentally, they forget to understand what it means to know someone 's élan vital; the creative force within an individual. Many characters are selfish in undesirable ways and can not seem to fathom the needs of others: to be supportive, caring, and understanding. Therefore, remembering that life goes on, “hurting people hurt people”
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He hurts when his heartbroken mother dies, which leads him to lack sympathy for others when he only wants sympathy for himself. After twelve years, he has no knowledge that he has a father that actually exists, and no answer to who his father may be. This leads him to feel alone and desperate to find love in any way that he can do so. Already he hurts because his mother’s death, but Heathcliff has no regards when he torments Linton’s spiritual being and physical being. Additionally, despite Linton’s conquest for love, Linton’s father despises him to a point that leads Linton to be rude and to display the characteristics of hate toward the one person he truly loves. He begins to torture his former love, Cathy. Obviously, he likes to speak to her with no respect like his father trains him to do. Kelly K. Howes says that Linton has no choice when it comes to choosing his fate. He must marry the young Catherine due to his father’s manipulation (3). Linton is not able to choose a lot of things for himself. Finally, although his father is now there for him, Linton has no good sense of guidance; just like his father. This leads Linton to not only begin to hate the people that he loves, but this also leads him to hate himself. He knows his affectionate mother would not want him to be so peevish and cruel toward people. Ultimately, his stress along with his sickness leads to…show more content…
Hindley hurts when his wife dies, and the cause of her death leaves his mind on a blank page. Then, he shuts off all of his feelings, except for the feeling of being a depressed drunkard. Nicolas Marsh says, “Becoming immediately detestable, Hindley perpetuates his powerful feelings and is physically aggressive when he becomes the tyrant” (35). Alcohol seems to make him the tyrant, but may help him overcome his reality. Sara Constantakis says, “Hindley is shown to be far gone in alcoholism. He continues to act sadistically toward Heathcliff, who bears the bad treatment because the intense joy he finds in private moments stolen with Cathy” (2). When he becomes an alcoholic and unaware of his financial needs, this leads him to be desperate and damaged. Essentially, he loses all of his money and any care that he has about anything due to his addiction of frivolous gambling, which ultimately leads him to lose his sovereignty. What Hindley loses more than money and more than his care for anything, is his son; Hareton. During the time period of this novel, it is important to continue one’s legacy after death. Hindley leaves nothing but a bad reputation for Hareton by losing himself. Donna C. Woodford mentions that all of the men of the Wuthering Heights have a violent pattern throughout the novel, ending with the death of a widower and the marriage of the young Catherine and Hareton
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