Wrongfulness Of Euthanasia

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The Author of the article claims that euthanasia is inherently wrong and can lead to drastic problems in our society with various support claims. In my paper, I shall summarize and evaluate the argument. In the end, I believe that it is unsuccessful and I will explain and defend my assessment.
The Expert Panel on End of Life Decision- Making defines voluntary euthanasia as “an act undertaken by one person to kill another person whose life is no longer worth living to them in accordance with the wishes of that person” ( Shah et al). That is the definition I think of when speaking of euthanasia while including that a person can take their own life. Williams briefly describes his definition that is parallel to the one used here. Euthanasia
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Gay- Williams is the writer to “the wrongfulness of euthanasia” where he uses deontological, consequential and virtue ethics to support his reasoning. Deontological Ethics is an ethical theory that sees actions as right or wrong according to moral rules. On the other hand, Consequential ethics see if actions are right or wrong depending if their consequences are good or bad. Virtue ethics is the base of both deontological and consequential ethics. Virtue ethics see if actions are right or wrong depending if they originate from a good or bad character. The arguments are then separated more specifically as the argument from nature, self-interest and practical effects. Throughout his paper, he has decided to defend the wrongfulness of euthanasia and inform the reader of the effects it can have. As I read the effects he mentioned that euthanasia sets us for our own nature, violence to our dignity. He believes euthanasia denies our basic human characteristic to survive through all medical problems and by taking the easy way out we may be “regarding ourselves as something less than human” (p.9, Williams). In addition, euthanasia does not leave room for the patient to have sudden recovery or fight through the pain and attempt to survive. According to Williams, this may confuse the person into thinking they only have death as an option when it is possible they could survive. Lastly, his support for euthanasia is the effect it has on medical care. Not only will euthanasia be seen…show more content…
The people decide what is going to become policy, who gets elected and democratically vote on our countries actions. Medical care has been a priority in all US representatives and it will become extremely unlikely, that a credited medical service center will start to kill off patients from their judgment of what will be better for them. That is against their education, values, and principles to give up and purposely arrange a patient’s death. If a person did not allow this or ask for it then it would be considered murder and the medical service center would eventually shut down from lack of funding, clients or murder
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