Wrong Age, Wrong Choice: Alcohol Abuse

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Statistics show that alcohol make a big impact to the world and everybody in it. According to Wikipedia, “It is an an organic compound in which the hydroxyl functional group (-OH) is bound to a carbon atom” (Alcohol). Based on the people around the world, alcohol is an enjoyment for them to relax, to forget peer pressure and also is used as an excuse for people to hang out and get drunk. And it is also one of the reason lead to accidents and crime ,which happens almost everyday and kill many people. But a lot of people really don’t understand the actual dangers of alcohol. So they want to lower the minimum drinking age from 21 to 18 because they think 18 years old adult is enough mature to handle. Although in reality, it would kill sociality and the country because of those people who never think for the action before they do. Lowering the Drinking Age Law is the worse choice for the government to do and most people absolutely oppose.
Most people agree and strongly recommend that in order to drink, people should have a higher age of initiation and maturity because of the damages posed by drinking, which they lost themselves in alcohol. Like example, citizen need to be legally 21 to purchase a handgun , gumble in a casino or adopt a child. In which they have grown and know what they are doing by using their brains. Instead of doing it first then thinking afterwards, which always lead to bad result for themselves and for others. Furthermore, It also prevent kids who's being bullied or have a negative life, whichever they lack of experience to handle, away from alcohol. Considering they will soon find and drink alcohol becomes a solution for their problems by the lack of understanding about alcohol. Which they think it is just a eq...

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... the sociality go bad and worse than before because of the young adults which don’t have a lot of experiences in actions they do. The Law should avoid at age 18 to 20 because of the unsafe activity alcohol can drink to people which drink and get drunk from it for their lack of knowledge in alcohol and fail to control themselves. Alcohol is a dangerous drink for the person and to the others when abused which young adults at age 18 probably will do if the Law would be changed to 18. Ultimately, the Drinking Age should stay at 21 so that young adults can gain more experiences and matures which they can handle alcohol and themselves when they are 21 and by doing that, it will save a lot of lives and also make the country more safety for people and better behavior in every person.

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