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It was instant. That animal magnetism. Dick watched as she crossed the room toward him, her movements slow and deliberate. “Got a light?” she asked leaning toward him. Dick retrieved a lighter from his jacket pocket, and while lighting her cigarette asked her name. “Does it matter? It's Jane. And yours is Dick. Hello.” Startled, Dick then grinned, sort of embarrassed--sort of amused--realizing she was neither psychic nor a detective…she had read his name tag. Now it was her turn to smile. The convention was almost over…this was the “mingle part,” when people from different offices got to meet each other and compare notes. Dick asked Jane if he could call her…she smiled. “You're a big boy now, you can do what you want!” So after some digging around over the next few days Dick was able to retrieve her number and he rustled up the nerve to call. They began spending more and more time together as the days passed and as in most new relationships, nearly all of their time spent together was happy. She was just a tad intimidating, but that was part of her allure. Jane moved in after a while, and Dick, being a bit old-fashioned, asked her if she would do him the honor of marrying him. Perhaps this was premature, because as time went by, Jane became a bit difficult to live with. The confident, self-assured, even arrogant woman he'd fallen for had over time become cynical, and now always questioning either his motives or his intentions. “Where've you been?” she would ask when Dick came home each night after working a full day. “I've been at work, Jane, you know that. I'm always at work,” and he would go upstairs. “But... ... middle of paper ... ...un. He enters the large empty house mom had left in her will and for just a moment gets an eerie feeling. “Nerves,” he mumbles, “God knows they've had some abuse,” shaking his head. “Ah, a moment….” as he puts his feet on the coffee table in front of the TV. He pops open a can of beer and slips on Channel 10 News. “Breaking News: Three inmates escaped county jail this morning. Two have been apprehended while the third remains at large.” Dick knows at once. He identifies the eeriness; the faint scent of Jane's perfume. She is in the house! Then, once more, come those slow deliberate movements…she steps down the stairs toward him. Dick clutches the chair's arms; he is unable to move. It's like in a dream when you try to run and you can't, or you can only run in slow motion. Dick can't move, he can't scream--nothing.
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