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The voice, which finds a resounded echo in this text, is the narrator’s voice that is sharing his childhood with the readers. The narrator makes the readers believe that it is he only who is describing his childhood and not someone else and to prove this he tries to share his past with the readers through his memories. He uses black and white photographs in the book so that the readers can get a better view of Istanbul and to make them feel as though they themselves are surfing through Istanbul, he gives the readers an historical insight about Istanbul, and he shares his childhood with the readers. By, using his memories as a medium to share his childhood, he shows his love for the city, the narrator tries to make this book as original as possible. The idea of merging a writer’s life with the city of his childhood dreams seems very clever. “Istanbul memories and the city” written by Orhan Pamuk portrays this in a very mesmerizing way. The different ideas, characteristics and debates, such as the various writers that visit Istanbul, or the walk through the river Bosphorus; throughout this novel the reader gets an insight about the author’s melancholic memorial love to the city of Istanbul. The purpose of mentioning the writers who visit Istanbul and bosphorous is because those writers fascinated him and the author admired Bosphorous as it brought peace to people and made them forget about their problems. Each chapter in this memoir unravels the different ideas about Istanbul such as its scenic beauty, the lifeline of Istanbul: Bosphorous river that are portrayed by the writer. The novel “Istanbul memories and the city” takes us through a journey of Istanbul from Orhan Pamuk’s eyes by a medium of his memories, these memories not on... ... middle of paper ... ...y in Istanbul, and this makes the reader feel that Orhan Pamuk himself is the guide to Istanbul. So coming to the coda of my written assignment that does the protagonist voice really sounds original and it being exemplified, I can say that Orhan Pamuk truly uses his own experiences and voice to express the his feelings about the city of Istanbul, his home town. He uses the help of black and white pictures to create the same feeling of huzun that is present within his fellow citizens. Moreover he uses the example of his fellow writers and artist and uses their experience of having a lost identity because of their lost culture, to create a feeling of huzun amongst the readers of the novel. Hence, it can conclude by saying that Orhan Pamuk truly uses his own voice and experiences to convey his thoughts and feelings about is hometown, i.e., the great city of Istanbul.

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