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Writing has been a part of humanity for around 6,000 years. Writers have written over 120,000,000 books, and each book, on average, contains around 100,000 words. Even though humanity has written so much in the world, there is a strange theory that it’s hard to find a good book. The most important aspect of good writing is that the writer is able to share their idea in a way so that the reader will remember what was said even after the text was finished being read. A goal an author can have when writing is to let their writing’s ideas be spread through the reader. A writer accomplishes this by having an organized, but interesting paper. The writer doesn’t repeat phrases over and again, and twists are included where they are not expected.
The most important thing good writing does is the text being able to relay its ideas to the reader in a vivid manner. The reader should be able to then remember what was said even after the text has been finished with reading. A major reason authors write are to share their opinions so that the reader believes what they say to be true. This goal of persuasive sharing is important because in real life, if a discussion pops up that fits the topic of the text read, if that text was interesting and persuading, the reader may share the opinion of the author, adopting it as their own opinion too. One effect good writing can have in real life would be getting a phrase or idea stuck in the reader’s head. A good writer is able to bring up an idea that is not solved straight forward, and makes the reader think. An example of this could be a paradox. The rewards of good writing can be good, but unless the author has the skills necessarily to write well, nothing will amount.
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... needed to make a text good is goals itself. The author should have an idea of what they want their writing to achieve, that way they will know if they succeeded or not.
There is a vast amount of books and essays written in the world, yet many believe that very few are considered good. The most important thing good writing does is pounding information into the reader’s brain so that they remember the main ideas. A real life effect that can come from this would be the adoption of the author’s opinion to the reader, and then the spreading of the author’s ideas to other people. This type of writing can be achieved with the organization of the text, keeping the subject interesting, and keeping away from repetitiveness, replacing it with synonyms and adjectives. The next time there is an annoying paradox stuck in your head from a book, remember: That’s some good writing.
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