Written Communication: The Structure Of Written Communication For Children

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Firstly, a support assistant, special education needs assistant or special educational needs teacher may use visual aid (presentation) to show their colleagues what they are going to teach the children in class. This is because then it will be clear to them what they would need to do to ensure the children do the correct thing. Whereas, the therapist may talk to their colleagues about a video clip. They are planning to show the children. This will help them to know clearly if this is the right thing and if it is easy enough to explain to the children. Non-Verbal Communication – Practitioner to client Appropriate eye contact The special educational needs teacher, special education needs assistant, support assistant or therapist may use eye…show more content…
However, the rules for the written communication are very different from those that are followed for spoken language. A written communication involves any type of interaction that makes use of the written words. It is one of the two main types of communication, along with oral communication. In all health care and early years settings accuracy of the written word is extremely important. Reference 57 Structure of written communication Moreover, the structure of written communication, the way it is laid out, and the style of the way it is written and the content is important. Therefore, if a special education needs assistant, special educational needs teacher, support assistant or therapist would need to ensure these following things. Writing a good quality content takes long. They would need to check before they do it. This is because then the information would be clear. Written Communication - Practitioner to client Correct Spelling Furthermore, if a special education needs assistant, special education needs teacher, support assistant or therapist wrote about individual plans, they would need to ensure that the spelling is correct. In order to do this, it is best to use a software such as Microsoft Word as it has an inbuilt spell…show more content…
They may speak to their colleagues in different ways. However, sometimes it can be difficult to understand due to their speech being faster. Although, if it is slower, this would be easier for them to understand. For instance, this would depend on the special education need teacher culture, geographical location, subject matter, gender, emotional state, fluency, profession or whom they are speaking. Moreover, I would say that they would speak normal due to their colleagues having the same profession as them; this would mean that they would be able to understand each other

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