Written Communication Definition

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Communication is simply the exchange of information by writing, speaking or using some other medium. Communication can be catergorised into three different types; verbal, written and nonverbal communication.
1. Verbal communication is listening to someone and trying to understand what they are saying. Only when communication is transmitted through words that are spoken or written can it be defined as verbal communication. Examples of this communication can be face to face communication, reports, memos, letters and many others.
2. Written communication is reading and trying to understand the meaning. Written communication requires effort and thought and it must be informative and concise as well as easy to understand. An example of written
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The leader must be able to communicate well with every member that is involved in the business in order to convey to each employee their jobs and expectations. The morale of employees will be boosted if they feel that they are well informed of the company’s vision or direction.
Good communication leads to preventing misunderstanding among employees and unnecessary friction is avoided which means that employees will be able to concentrate better on their work.
Good communication enhances the business to achieve its goals.
Improvement in service quality is also a factor of good communication. If a company interacts well with its clients and attends to their needs, the customer will be bound to continue doing business with the company. As you communicate with a customer you will figure out exactly what they want and this will lead to making improved products according to customer’s
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Good communication leads to transparency if an organization continuously communicates internally and externally to its stakeholders this will build trust in a company’s brand. When hard times come by transparent leaders will find it easy to explain the decisions made to its employees
In this highly competitive world an organization will need to be innovative if it has to succeed, its competitors will come up with new products and it will need to counter this threat, it has to allow its staff to be creative and this can be done through good communication.
Good communication will build as well as maintain relationships through positive encounters with others, without this skill it will be hard to construct a positive relationship. Businesses today exist because of relationships, not only is it important to have a relationship with a customer but maintaining that relationship is critical so as not to lose the customer to a
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