Writing to Escape Reality

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Writing, to me, is a fun way to escape the harsh reality of being an overworked, hormonal high school teenager. When I was younger, I loved to write short stories in an old spiral notebook, and I hoped to become published one day. I loved to have my mind wander to the furthest corners of the galaxy to jot down a few magical stories. Now, I still uphold this silly childhood dream of mine. I still keep a small journal full of funny quotes, funny recollections that happened throughout the day, any worries, hopes, and goals that I may have. I love to shape words and sentences into works of art. I first started to write for fun when Santa gave me a Lisa Frank velvet journal for Christmas when I was in the first grade. I loved it because I could color it how I wanted, and it was black velvet, so it felt amazing. It also had a lock on the cover so I could hide all of the deepest, darkest secrets and adventures of the average seven year old girl. Every night before bed, I would write in this journal and sign at the bottom “Love, Brisa”. Most of my writings seemed to revolve around my cat, Princess. Because of my immense fondness for her, I began to write short stories about a magical “Princess” waiting for her prince to come save her and live happily ever after. A few years later, I received yet another journal. This one happened to be a light, sky blue with bright red cherries all over it. I cherished this journal because my grandmother gave it to me. I felt connected to her because she had an identical one as well. Although this journal was small, I scribbled over every last white space on every single page. By this time in my life, I was in fifth grade and I newly discovered that I loved to read, especially books about famous wizar... ... middle of paper ... ...in nameless, did not teach me about writing at all. The teacher made us journal every day about weird, random topics, and it did not help me improve my skills. I failed to learn anything about writing, grammar, or literature. In College Writing, I received all the help I needed with writing, grammar, sentence structure, and essay formatting. I am now confident in writing essays, copy for yearbook pages, research papers, and I even keep a journal again. Writing to me is all about self motivation. No one can force me to write, I need to discipline myself to take the time to read and write. Throughout middle school and high school, I have learned how to compose a well written essay. I have also learned how negligence and procrastination will be detrimental to my final grades. All it takes to be a good writer is a little elbow grease, hard work, and a vivid imagination.
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