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Writing has come naturally to me due to my past and experiences. My first language was not English and for this reason I devoted myself to learning what I could and more. Any project that was given in school, I chose to do a written essay or paper. This gave and continues to give me practice and experience to the English language. If I want to get anywhere in life in America, I have to read, write, and speak English fluently; otherwise I would be known as less by my peers. As of today, I can read, write, and speak English fluently. However, speeches are still a difficulty; I feel as if I am being judged, but I know I can overcome this obstacle with practice and experience. Ever since I was in elementary school, I had always favored writing papers than any other creative project. I had always lacked in the creative department, but writing was a simple way to express myself. As a result of years writing papers and writing assignments, I consider myself a good writer. Granted my creative side is still lacking, but my forte is still on research papers. My first decent writing piece was in the fifth grade for a book report. We had previous book reports, but for our last one we could be creative with it. I had chosen to write a sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Other students had chosen to perform plays or make posters of their books, but I chose a writing assignment. While the project still needed creativity to complete, it was still easier than creating something completely new and presenting it to the whole classroom. The alternative, in my opinion, was easier to deal with. Early on, I was at a disadvantage to my peers because I had grown up speaking Spanish and had a speech impediment. This led to me becoming shy and reserved whene... ... middle of paper ... ...f the year project, we were assigned to write a ten-page paper on any subject matter in American history. I chose to write about women’s rights in the 1900s. For my English 180 class, I was assigned to write about any topic of controversy. I wrote about race relations in the United States. Both of these topics came from a personal interest. I am a minority and a woman living in the United States; both of these topics, in retrospect, were easy to write about. Coming into the class, I felt as if the class was unnecessary to my learnings. However, I learned vital things to help me later in life. Personal papers were a challenge in the beginning; but now I feel confident in my abilities to share parts of myself and still leave parts to myself private. The nitpicky grading kept me on my toes while writing. This class was beneficial and I feel like a great writer for it.

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