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Writing Technology

How many times in an average day does one think about how their shoes were made, and how the invention has evolved over the years? A person could never know the full extent of it until they tried to make a pair with only the simplest of materials to use. It is so easy to say that society does not know what they have until it is gone. For this project every tool that I have ever used for writing was taken away, and it left me more than a little frustrated. It is so hard to think about going through a day without a pen, pencil, or marker to use at will. These things have become as standard as the shoes we wear on our feet. Society knows why it has them, but they do not know to what extent until they are taken away or simplified beyond recognition.

There is so much thought that has to go into making something to write with. Ideas can become so complex and intricate. Most of the ideas that I came up with were just too much in the sense that I was making it harder than it needed to be. Being that I am an impatient person, I was looking for something that I could do pretty quickly. I started to look at what was available to me, and I realized that hey I live in Michigan; there are a lot of rocks around. I did not want to lug a bunch of huge, heavy things around, and so I focused on the smaller pebbles and stones instead. I found a sandy area close to where I found the rocks, and shaped small piles of them into letters.

This idea was a decent one by my standards, and it was legible when it was completed. I formed the word ‘rock’ with the stones. Toward the end I did get lazy though and used twigs I found for the last letter. Upon finishing, I realized the final outcome would last for a while, but it is not transportable. This could be a problem in a more realistic setting. I can not imagine taking notes in class with stones and having to leave it there. This would make studying nearly impossible. After contemplating this for a while I came up with a plan of attack.

Many ideas that have come about in the technology of writing have built on other ideas (Baron, Dennis, 36).
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