Writing Techniques That Appeal to Readers

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Writing Techniques That Appeal to Readers

Anyone who will be required to write at any time, no matter what the function of the writing, should learn good writing techniques that appeal to readers. Every type of writing should possess something that will draw the reader into the words to make the reader feel that he can relate to what he reads. Many techniques can accomplish this goal of writing. Diction, organization, description, and titles are all key parts of an essay that combine the author's thoughts and teelings in an effective manner.

Diction plays and extremely crucial role in all forms of writing. Word choice can make an essay -- whether it is illustrative, narrative, or persuasive -- more easily understood. interesting, or convincing. Elfective diction appears in each of the essays we chose. In the illustration essay, "Unlikely Learning," the speaker refers to a class having a"monotonous grind." The diction used here provides the reader with a better sense of the extent of boredom the speaker experienced daily. Also, in "Blue Band Emotional High," a narrative essay, the speaker writes, "I knew I bled blue and white from that moment on" after she is awarded a position on the Penn State Blue Band. In this sentence, the diction indicates the powerful dedication the speaker feels to the Blue Band. The writers of these essays use diction, as all writers should, as their tool to evoke the intended reactions from their audience. This helps to make a piece of writing good.

It is important for every good writer to know how to present his ideas to his readers. Organization is a key step that a writer should become familiar with. This step is important because it enables the author to state his ideas in a clear and ...

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...e overall content and feeling of the essay. It should grab the audience and pull them in. In the essay, "Unlikely Learning," the title draws the audience into the message and feeling of this piece of writing. Another title. "Nittany Confidence," is also very effective in deciding the overall mood ol'the essay. In all of the essays that we looked at, the effectiveness of the title made the piece of writing whole giving each a sense of completeness.

Writing is an important part in one's life during college and after graduation. Having good writing skills and being able to produce a good piece of writing will pay off in the future. As can be seen, when trying to create a good essay, diction, organization, description and a good title play important roles. The absence of any one of these writing techniques can leave the essay, as well as the reader, unfulfilled.
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