Writing Skills over the Years

Good Essays
As a writer before I took this class, my writing was on the lower end of mediocre. It’s not like I disliked writing, it was that I didn’t like writing for a class because I found it very boring. I would actually write my own stories since it was a lot of funny and I have a bizarre mind so writing emptied my creative juices. Though, mostly when I wrote, it was for an English class, like American Literature or for my ninth grade class, English Nine. Those essays were roughly about Crucible, movie essay compassions, books like to Kill a Mocking Bird and others that I can’t think of right at the moment because it was two years ago. The reason why I took this classes was simple put, it was minority and I had to take it because the school wanted me to, but I didn’t mind, because English is one of my favorite subjects, besides History. The skill that I had once I ended up into this class is that I am a lazy writer. I like writing, but I enjoy it more when it is on my own time and especially when it is not graded. I dislike being told what to do, only for creative proposes because how can I be creative if I have a certain criteria that I need to fill. Because of my lazy skills, the thing that I need to work on is to put more energy and work on to my essay. Since for essays, I normally put little to no effort in them because I didn’t like to write essays, plus I couldn’t type quickly so it was a drawn out process. By improving on those, I’ll improve in essays.
For my Definition Essay or all so known as the Top Ten Lists, this shows me trying to improve on my writing skills. Since I haven’t written anything advanced in about a few months, I was a bit rusty and very hesitate about writing essays again. The struggles first were to c...

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...n my writing and that it is not below mediocre now, it is now mediocre. My strengths are now my MLA format, my topic sentence and the conclusion but I could always improve. I can improve more on my grammar and vocabulary since the essay can always use more captivating words. My body paragraphs are better than they were last year, but they can always use some improvement. If I was given vague directions, I would handle it by typing what comes to my mind from the directions. By typing out my thoughts, I can complete the task and then go back to what I wrote so that I can correct in so it is more accurate and proper. I have learned that I shouldn’t be afraid of writing essays because they are actually simple to write. For writing essays or other papers that I would have to do, instead of stressing out about topics to write, I should just start writing and edit later.
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