Writing SOL Is Difficult And Stressful

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387 words

You may assume that the writing SOL is difficult and stressful. You might also think that failing it is inevitable. Although you may be nervous, various skills can make the SOL be less of a challenge. By planning, writing, and revising your essay; your fear will disappear.

First of all, planning your essay is important as it provides you with a list of ideas. You can use these ideas to make a graphic organizer, which will help you to form paragraphs later on. Also, a graphic organizer will let you know what needs to be done with your essay. What I mean by this is, you will know which parts of your paragraph need to be completed. In addition to making a graphic organizer, planning your essay assists you in the creation of your thesis statement.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that writing a sol is difficult and stressful, and that failing it is inevitable. planning, writing and revising your essay will make your fear disappear.
  • Explains that planning your essay provides you with a list of ideas, which can help you form paragraphs later on. planning also assists in the creation of your thesis statement.
  • Explains that making a rough draft is important as it will become your final copy, which will be submitted.
  • Explains that revising your essay is essential as it corrects wrong information and grammar mistakes.
  • Concludes that it is important to take your time when writing your essay. this will help during all stages of it, including planning, writing, and revising.
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