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My mother always told me everyone is beautiful and unique in his or her own way. However, I question myself as to whether this is or is not the truth anymore. When I see advertisements with beautiful women who are flawless and thin, I think to myself, this is the type of female who is considered to be normal and acceptable in today's society. As I look at my own body, I realize I do not stand up to the females in advertisements or the models in my magazines. Tactics used in advertisements promote anorexia.
You must be thin to be acceptable. Pepsi made this perfectly clear with their ad campaign for their "Skinny" Diet Pepsi can. They released this can for fashion week in 2011, claiming the can was slim and attractive. The ad for this "Skinny" can showed a very young, beautiful woman wearing little to no clothing, sucking the soda out of the can from a straw. Ad's like this claiming the can is "slim and attractive" are stating that being slim is the only way to be attractive. The company is saying that skinny is better. By showing the young woman in little to no clothing the ad is promoting that because she is drinking the "Skinny" soda she can now wear the revealing clothing. She is promoting the illusion that being beautiful and perfect is only for those who have the body structure society labels as skinny. Instead of showing the woman in something more covering or modest they chose to put her in something revealing, therefore in a sense saying that modesty is for overweight women but sexy clothing is for thin women. This ad makes larger women feel like they are less of a person, or they are not as sexy as the young, thin women being modeled in this ad
Women only get attention when they are thin. Or at least this is what is ...

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...nse of encouraging people to become anorexic.
Advertisements like these are sending messages that in order to be successful, women have to be thin. Over the years women have proved that they can be successful no matter their body type. If you look at women who are doctors, lawyers and scientists they are not always the perfect, flawless women being portrayed in magazines and television. Women are so much more than their body types, they are more than just an object of visual lust being advertised in today's society. Being pressured into being perfect and thin is effecting the next generation of strong leadership coming from young women. The constant desire to be perfect overshadows the desire to be strong, smart, successful women. Our society needs to learn to look past the outside appearance, and start pushing for more inside beauty that our women have to offer.
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