Writing Poses As A Great Challenge For Me

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Writing poses as a great challenge for me; I can barely speak coherently with a person one-on-one. Ironically, though I have not mastered the English language, I’m minoring in Spanish. I was not gifted with the greatest linguistic skills, however, I nonetheless still pursue Spanish because I appreciate the Spanish culture and enjoy attempting to perform the accent authentically. I took AP Spanish in high school, received 7 credits by taking the exam, and want to improve my speaking skills and eventually reach a level of fluency. Learning Spanish has actually helped improve my English speaking skills and expand my vocabulary. In a sense, English and Spanish are cousins, as they have a common ancestor, known as Indo-European. Sometimes, English and Spanish can seem even closer than cousins, because English has adopted many words from French, which might be seen as a sister language to Spanish. The two languages go hand-in-hand, so hopefully I will be a master of both languages after college. However, since I haven’t spoken Spanish regularly since May, my progress in Spanish has slowed down significantly. Without Spanish, my English suffers and I frequently stumble with words, stutter, and get tongue-tied; I embarrass myself by looking idiotic almost every day when conversing with others, especially with figures of high authority, prestige, or power. On the contrary, when taking a Spanish class, I speak rather eloquently as I get more conditioned communicatively when practicing two languages in the same time frame. The English language has an undoubtedly vast rich vocabulary, so to no one’s surprise, in addition to speaking inadequately, I also greatly struggle with formulating words in my essays: my greatest challenge in the wr... ... middle of paper ... ...nd the evidence should have complemented the claims. In contrast to my first essay, in my Hamlet and Good Country People essays, I dug deeper with my interpretations and crafted more complex arguments. Though Hamlet, in particular, was a challenging essay to write, I enjoyed it the most of the three essays; all of the feedback I received from the first two essays really helped me tackle the Hamlet essay head-on. One strength I have in the writing process is my consistent use of evidence. My essays always contain a lot of support for my arguments. Unexpectedly, Spanish serves as my Rosetta Stone for English. The constant translation between the two languages amplify my communication skills, and when my linguistic talent grows, my writing skills build. Challenging the mind to think critically through learning Spanish strengthens my writing in both languages.
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