Writing, Listening And Speaking

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Reading, writing, listening and speaking are the archetypal cornerstones in our lives by effectively forming a foundation of communication that is essential to social growth and the embodiment of our identity. Without teachers harnessing the development in all four of the above-mentioned components of English, students will wallow in post scholastic mediocrity. The basis of our society is built on the foundation of reading, writing, listening and speaking. This foundation needs to be constructed through primary and secondary education in order for young adults to prepare for the rigors of college and the workplace. In the paragraphs below, I will declare my philosophy and develop an ideology of methods to foster the growth of students that I will potentially see in my classroom phonetically working on vocabulary development, sharpening writing skills and grammar, as well as listening and speaking skills. To illustrate my point, I begin by discussing Reading as the first major component. Garnering the skills to be a good reader starts at an early age. Teachers and parents alike need to focus on phonetic skills to help students sound out words. Children need to practice reading by sounding out these words. As Andrew Green states in his book Becoming a Reflective English Teacher, “The idea of reading develops in much the same way as speaking – through use, rather than through decontextualized, structured tuition in specific hierarchical skills” (Green 75 ). At the adolescent age, students are bound to struggle with newfound words or phrases. Having the ability to sound out words and letters will establish reading fluency and overall greater reading comprehension. As students grow and develop through school they will estab... ... middle of paper ... ...g effectively and having your voice heard, while gaining respect from your peers and teacher academically. In conclusion, Reading, writing, listening and speaking are undeniably the cornerstones of teaching English. All 4 components play important, integral parts in our daily lives. Without one of the key components, we are less likely to be successful in daily activities, and interactions. English, as an art, has lost some of its importance within our society. This negligence has forced government and education officials to enforce the Common Core Standards to reassure that English is one of the subjects returning to the forefront of prominence. The world needs an immense amount of exceptional readers, writers, listeners, and speakers. As English teachers, we need to assure America that we are up to the task in producing competent and confident individuals.
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