Writing As A Writer And A Teacher Of Writing

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Throughout my educational matriculation and the eventual declaration of English being my specific realm of study in college, I have not considered myself to be a creative writer. I have progressed through modes of writing, development, and growth. From creative writing as a middle school student, to research and theory based writing as a graduate student, I have witnessed a growth in how my writing is created, organized, and executed. In the reevaluation and identification of my initial experiences with writing, I identify with my seminal experience in the context of a formal educational setting, which has played a major role in my development as a writer and a teacher of writing. In the assessment of my introduction to and experience with writing, I can recall my sixth class at a small parochial school in Connecticut. The teacher’s assignment was to write a book that included illustrations and dialogue. Immediately, I withdrew and could not imagine myself embarking upon this task. How could I, a lowly sixth grader, create, write, and illustrate a book that people would read and that would be graded? What would I write? Would it be good? These feelings of doubt and fear troubled me, which initially hindered my thought process and the ability to actually start creating. We were not given guidelines in regards to possible story choices, characters, plots, or illustrations, we were just told to be creative! Nonetheless, my sixth grade teacher encouraged my ability to express myself creatively through writing. Based on the requirements of the assignment, I attempted to secure a topic to write about. I then evaluated myself, my life experiences, what I witnessed as a child, and what I had seen on television, however, I could think of... ... middle of paper ... ...e student to develop a fuller understanding of what it means to communicate effectively and with meaning. Throughout my educational career, writing takes on various forms; creative, technical, expository, or narrative, nonetheless, the idea of writing remains static; creating, evaluating, revising, and drafting. Students should be exposed to writing as a “living document”, ever-changing, and always unfinished. As a student of writing, I strongly believed that my experience with creative writing has formed the foundation of my experiences in teaching writing. Students must identify a sense of self and purpose in order to construct relevance and relationships with themselves and the reader. The teacher/student relationship should be developed and nurtured; resulting in the creation of a comfortable writing environment in order for writing to communicate with a voice.
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