Writers of a New Era

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Writers of a New Era

The internet has quickly woven itself into the fabric of sociey. Many consider it an indispensable part of their lives, allowing them to keep pace with their hectic schedules. The internet has improved the ease in which people can communicate and find information. Navigating the web has become second nature to regular users. Some find the computer so convenient that they use it to do all of their writing from academic papers to journals.

As the computer has aided in the task of writing, the internet has helped many become published writers. Anyone with moderate computer knowledge can create web sites. Personal web sites often have information and pictures that someone would normally only share with close friends, but having it published on the web means anyone can access this information. Sites like online journals and diaries are specifically designed for publishing personal ideas, feelings, or day to day happenings.

Another increasingly respected writing medium used by students and aspiring journalists, as well as the average person’s diary, is blogger. Blogger, according to the web site Blogger Forum (bloggerforum.com), is a site that allows anyone to post a blog, short for webblog. This is a journal that can be continually updated, and viewed by any web user. The writers of blogs are called bloggers. Bloggers tend to write frequently and informally, as in a journal. They also try to give informative or inspiring entries. The number of bloggers is steadily increasing. Its popularity is attributed to the free, blogging software that is available to everyone, along with the appeal of being able to publish ideas, beliefs, and knowledge.

Since anyone can publish on the web using blogger, the definition of a writer has dramatically changed. Before the web, a writer was viewed as someone who had their work published. Writers were also viewed with respect since getting a piece of writing published was highly competitive. Those who achieved it had to have a special quality in their writing. Now the use of the term writer is thought of more loosely, since anyone can be a published writer.

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