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Writer’s Reflection
The first day on my English 908 class, with my Professor Mahony I was a bit nervous about the course.
I finally took a deep breath, after my professor explained and discussed clearly the guidelines and instructions from the course syllabus for the semester. At that moment, I realized that this class is not going to be easy. As the weeks go by, through my professor’s excellent teaching, guidance and writing expertise, I was able to understand and improve my writing capabilities. Even though we have a couple of weeks left on this course, I believe that I was able to accomplished my goal in this class to become a better writer, and write different types essays effectively such as descriptive, comparative and contrast, argumentative and research.
Our first writing assignment was descriptive essay. I like the fact that we had a read around on our class. I had great opportunity to read my essay to the class entitled “My Sweet Little Princess.” I learned through our class discussion, that a descriptive essay simply describes something or someone by appealing to the reader’s senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Also, I learned that we have to use vivid details to make a person, place or experiences to become true to life which I failed to do, in which my professor commented on the side my paper. She wrote “show don’t tell. “ For example, the sentences that I wrote started with “telling”: “She has special qualities that make her stand out. She is charming, heartwarming, and an amazing intelligent young girl”. But after the read around and the comment of my professor on my paper “to revised it, cut general sentences, show don’t tell and to add more concrete details,” I fixed my essay. Now thi...

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... my professor that taught numerous skills we learned in this class. For example, we learned to develop concrete details, grammar, vocabulary and editing skills. Most important, I learned I can write variety of essays such as descriptive, comparison, contrast, argumentative and research essays. I learned how to use visually descriptive words, to compare and contrast, reasoning and evidence, the use of ethos, pathos and logos. We read our peers essays, and applied what I learned to correct the grammatical errors, gave suggestions to word placement, and sentence usage. Reviewing and editing skills learned will be very helpful in the future as we continue to write essays during college. I could definitely take the next step forward in my writing skills. I have truly enjoyed my English classes and know what I have learned will be extremely valuable in my future career.
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