Wright Brothers: Wilbur Wright

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Wilbur Wright was born on April 16,1867 in Millville,Ohio,and four years later had a brother born on August 19,1871 in Dayton,Ohio.(The Wright Brothers Bio) The boys had always been interested in mechanics since they were born.Their dad knew a Frenchman who owned a toy shop,the Frenchman gave there dad a flying toy to give to his sons.The boys loved the toys and every time the toy broke they rebuilt it. Orville at a young age in school would study lessons that the teacher had not yet assigned.Another thing he did was make wood engravings.His younger brother Wilbur though had started a army outside the school saying that he would not be forced to do work.The army even had rankings and battles with the janitor who would try to catch them and put them in their classes but he never had real well luck with that. The Wright Brothers had a lot of interests as a kid.They liked to tinker with little toys and improve them.Orville had been working on some wood engravings.(Wilbur and Orville Timeline) But what really interested them was the toy the Frenchman had gave them, they thought it was so cool.But one day while playing with the toy the brothers had an idea.What if they could improve the toy and make it bigger and better?They then started making models in their garage building little flying toys but they never flew as good as the tiny original version.They then forgot about it and went onto other things. The Wright Brothers had done other things but were still going to school.They then came back to the models of their flying toys and thought, what if we could build a model big enough and made for us to ride on it?But that was only a dream because there had never been a flying machine for people to ride,but what other people saw as... ... middle of paper ... ...f America to go to Europe to sell there planes. The Wright Brothers sold a bunch of airplanes to various companies and people .And they lived wealthy and worked on airplanes and helped make the world what it is today.People started making airplanes and buying ones and putting weapons on them for future wars.And Wilbur and Orville taught people everywhere to follow your dreams.On May 30,1912 at forty five years old Wilbur Wright died from the fever Typhoid (Wright Stories) Orville Wright later on sold him and his brothers company and retired,But thirty years later he died on January 30,1948 from two heart attacks (Orville dies of a heart attack) Wilbur and Orville revolutionized everybodies transportation and opened doors to new and easier travel,communication and even international commerce.They were some of the many people that we look up to today and respect.
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