Wright Brothers: The First Flight

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Wright brothers; the first flight
Perhaps the most influential brothers in aviation history, Wilbur Wright born on April 16, 1867 Millville, Indiana and Orville Wright born on August 19, 1871 Dayton Ohio, creative and technological genius revolutionized transportation system on earth. The wright brothers were the first to fly a controllable self-propelled heavier than air flying machine on December 17, 1903. The passion of the Wright brothers for aviation came early on. Their common interest for flying dates back to 1878, when their father coming home one evening brought a mini copter. They thought that it wouldn’t fly but they were surprised to see it fly when their father threw it in the air. The mini copter really got them interested in flying machine and inspired them to built the world’s first airplane.
In 1896, the newspapers were filled with accounts of flying machines. Wilbur and Orville noticed that all these aircraft lacked suitable controls. They began to wonder how a pilot might balance an aircraft in the air. In 1899, the brothers started testing their ideas on how a pilot could control an aircraft. But before they could do that, they did some research. They looked for books and articles on flying machines, they talked with civil engineers, they even wrote a letter to Smithsonian and obtained technical papers on aerodynamics. After some research, the wright brothers tested their ideas for flight control on numbers of unpowered aircraft between 1900 and 1902. These aircraft were flown as kites to see their aerodynamic performance.
Between 1900 to 1902 the Wright brothers made hundreds of kites to get accurate data, but the data didn’t help them at all, so during the winter of 1901-1902 Wilbur and Orville built the ...

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... brothers passion of flying machines. Because of their huge achievement in aviation, Wilbur and Orville Wright are called the father of Modern Aviation.
Since the first successful flight of Wright brothers on December 17, 1903, a lot has changed, wright brothers’ flyer was capable of carrying only one passenger, but modern passenger plane could carry up to 500 passengers but it is based on the Wrights flyer. We cannot imagine how our lives would be without flying machines. Airplanes are necessary in this modern time; after all there are the fastest and safest way to travel and transport cargo, and backbone of modern day war. So in one way or another, Wilbur and Orville have changed our lives and made man’s oldest dream to fly possible, using their ingenuity and ability to solve problems, made the first self-Propelled heavier than air machine that was able to fly.
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