Wrestling Is A Physical Sport

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A Wrestlers Diet As many people know wrestling is a very physical sport to be in. The sport can teach people many things about life and really give a good example of how to keep chugging along even when times get tough. Wrestling can take a huge toll on a persons body and that is why in most peoples opinion this is the hardest sport on this planet. The physicality of wrestling is immense, a person has to try to throw around another person and potentially pin them to the mat until the ref stops the match, that seems almost impossible. But overall the hardest thing about wrestling is cutting weight in a healthy way to be able to compete and do well. If a person does not lose the weight the right way then it is very hard to compete because of the lack of energy. Losing more than 5% of an athletes total weight to get to a certain weight class in a short amount of time is a big problem for wrestlers who do so; therefore, exercise to become healthier, eating the proper nutritious foods, and cutting the amount of overall food eaten can all solve unhealthy weight loss. The process to losing weight takes time and dedication. Proper strength training and training your body to go long periods at a time at a very high rate of speed is very important for taking the step towards weight loss. Conditioning to a wrestlers body on a regular bases will very much so help with losing weight. The longer an athlete can go running at a high speed the more endurance they will have, which means the athlete can perform better under harder conditions having already trained at a high pace to get ready for the moment when they need it the most. Training at high rates also trains your metabolism so an athlete will burn more calories faster. This means the key... ... middle of paper ... ... the huge amount of calories that come with each separate piece can that alone help very much in how a wrestler loses weight. To become a strong and well rounded wrestler the best the most important thing that needs to be thought of is how can I better myself to become more of an athlete? To answer this question the best way to become the best athlete and the most physical human being you can be is to eat the proper foods to give you the right energy. Also, wrestlers need to cut the right foods out of their diets to become the most physically dominate and feel the best they can while competing. Lastly, exercise could not ever hurt an athlete while doing correctly and can only make a star athlete if done correctly. Overall, a lot of steps are to be taken in order to be the best wrestler around and these tips can help out a wrestler wanting to be successful.

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