Worth The Time And Money: Is College Worth The Money?

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Many students attend college to advance their education. Weather some people believe it or not, having an education is very important. This can be a life changing experience and it can make a huge difference down the road. So, do I think college is worth the money? Absolutely! Education and being knowledgeable can open many doors and give students so many opportunities that they would not have had had they not attended college. Today I will be going over a few reasons why college is worth the time and money and I will also be discussing some reason why some people feel that it is a waste of money.
There are many people who would make the argument that college is simply not worth it. There are a few points that they can make. First off, one must take courses that have absolutely nothing to do with the major they may be interested in. Leah Munson, 21, says “I hate the fact that I just spent years of my life, forcing myself to learn information that I will not likely use again” (Dwyer).
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Attending college can present opportunities that some people can only dream of. For some college students, including myself, we are amongst the first in our family to go to college. In other countries, having an education does not exist, and if it does parents are forced to take their children out of school so they can start working at a young age because of their financial status. So, if we have this huge advantage, why not take it? This desire to want to accomplish all we can will not only help ourselves elevate our standard of living, but also our family and any future children that you may have. It sets this bar that implies what your expectations are, and what you should strive to accomplish. Even though we know it can be tough at times, it is very well worth it. Alexis Valdez, 22, has gone through what I am going through at the moment. She too is the first one in her family to attend college and she
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