Worldcom Case Study

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WorldCom, US second largest telecommunication company in the United States behind AT&T, was founded in 1983. The company starts their business under the name “Long Distance Discount Services” (LDDS), providing long distance telecommunication services. The company was profitable from the start. In 1985, Bernie Ebbers became the company’s CEO. The company changes its name to WorldCom in 1995. During the 1990’s, the company starts to grow through series of successful acquisition and merger. However, during the late 1999, the company’s performance begins to decline due to heightened competition and reduced demand for telecommunication services. May 2002, Cynthia Cooper, the vice president of Internal Audit for WorldCom, received shocking…show more content…
Therefore, this could be the opportunity that Cooper could show her loyalty to WorldCom or take leadership by working with the upper management levels to fix the internal problem. According to Dr. Kant, the exchange of our sentiment is how we communicate. Dr. Kant also illuminated the importance of truth. Without truth, we would only exchange bad information, missed statements, straight out lies and our conversation has no purpose. At some point during the process of building and developing WorldCom, truth was absented from all levels of management. Cynthia Cooper is one of the managers at WorldCom; therefore, should have been more involved and aware of the current situation from the beginning. Thus, is doing the right thing is the right thing to do or is it ethical thing to do? For instance, by going public with the problem, which is the right thing to do, but is it ethical for many careers and lives to be ruining as the consequences of doing the right thing? Maybe Cooper should have considered the utilitarian approach when assessing this dilemma. Cooper should have compared the possible beneficial and negative outcomes of each action. She believed she was doing the honest act, but it ended up bankrupted the company and many lives were

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