World versus American News

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Turning into BBC’s World News, the first aspect I noticed was the British accent the anchor had. The anchor was covering a story on the shooting at Fort Hood which involved a speech from President Obama. Before showing a clip of Obama the anchor referred to him as ‘American’s commander in chief.’ After the brief thirty second coverage on that story, the anchor moved on to show footage of complete chaos in Ukraine. The footage was hard to watch and I was surprise it was actually being shown on the news. I did not expect a world newscast to bluntly show dead bodies on the ground and under rubble. There was bodies being carried in black body bags and the viewers were allowed to view shootings caught on camera. The completeness of coverage, although intense, was incredible; it was easy to tell that the cameramen risked their lives and hid somewhere safe to capture the material. The newscasters commented about a bullet that went through a tree before showing a recording of the tree to let viewers know how massive the bullets being shot were. The casters remained objectives, sticking to facts rather than their own personal thoughts, letting the footage speak for the horrors it captured. The anchor introduces the next segment which is about Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Prime minister of Ukraine and his speech on the massacre. Although he spoke in Russian, there was a voice over to translate what he was saying. Next was a story in Siberia about how the refugees live in one room with ten people. Although the anchors did not give their opinions and kept the story straight, the people that they interviewed made it difficult not to feel a sense of sadness. The interview captured a women crying while a translator exclaims that she hates living “th... ... middle of paper ... ...ews coverage, the pacing of ABC was quick and straight to the point, lasting merely thirty seconds max. BBC took their time covering the stories that were given, making sure they gave enough information to let their viewers know what was going on in the world. Each story gave in depth information that wouldn’t necessary be provided in an American news broadcast. The bullet in the tree to describe how massive the shots fired were is an example of this. On ABC, there wasn’t any depth to any story; it hit every point it had to make and moved on to the next segment. Overall, due to the depth of information it doesn’t provide and the massive amount of weather and traffic news, I would rather watch the world news. The world news was easy to understand and kept my interest throughout the whole broadcast in comparison to American news which hardly had my attention at all.
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