World of Warcraft Game Review

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I have chosen to review the” World of Warcraft” also known as WOW. This game is more than a simple role playing game with dice. It is so much more than a Nintendo or a Sega game. The game consists of choosing a faction, Race, Class, and what to make your character look like. There are Quests, Dungeons, Raids, Professions, Guilds, Battle grounds, and arenas. It is so involved it takes months if not years to reach a point where I have done all I can do. However it keeps expanding through expansion packs, provided by the creators. Here is what I have to say about it. WOW is a MMORPG which stands for Massive Multi-player On-Line Role Playing Game. The creation of this game has brought some old school fun and ideas into play with a virtual world. You can create a character and run around in a huge virtual world that would take you over an hour to run on foot running from the 2 furthest extremes. You can modify the look of your character to a certain degree so that you can choose your look. Preset Races are given so some research is needed so you can choose the best choice, for you. Books are available so you can find what you might want. Most games of similar content have a fraction of wow has to offer. Wow is quite more in-depth than they are. There are 2 factions Horde and Alliance. They can be considered good or bad depending on what shade of grey you follow. You have Orcs, Elves, Dwarfs, Humans, Undead, Trolls, Gnomes and so much more even a Minotaur style race they call Tauren. One of your first choices is to choose a side. Followed by the Race and classification. You have Hunters, Warriors, Mages, Warlocks, Priests and so much more. You can change the color of the skin to whether your character has earrings. You have ... ... middle of paper ... ...playing together. The purpose of these raids is to gain armor upgrades of the highest level. This is another fine fact of WOW that makes it so wonderful to play. It is no wonder many are trying to emulate it. So in conclusion you have this massive online game that envelops many people and their time. It can keep you entertained and can frustrate you to no end. Something is always going on and you can always find trouble. You can socialize with others and or listen in on typed conversations. People say anything and everything even Chuck Norris cannot hide from the insanity. This game is enjoyable and is the bane of many wives. Because of the mere time “Suckage” involved with this game, moderation is best used. I find it very enjoyable and worth some spare time. If you believe in moderation you just might get lost and forget yourself in “The World of Warcraft”.
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