World city and City-region: The Engine of World Economy

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Historically, since the first industrial revolution happened in the UK, the development of productivity has accelerated the process of urbanization. London, as a metropolis, has become the world greatest economic center during that period. In order to provide financial and other essential services, the capital flow was at the forefront of industrial development as well as the regional economy development. Nowadays, world economic integration was the essence of globalization. It has comprised capital investment, trade, finance and the best allocation of resources. The world economic development has two significant features: the global economic integration and the economic regionalization. Therefore, an irreversible trend of city and city-regions development has been regarded as the new pattern of urbanization and regionalization, which indeed provided unprecedented opportunities for the world economic growth.
Previous research defined ‘world cities’ differently via a variety of criteria. A common one regarded it as ‘a center of advanced services and information-processing activities, and a deeply segmented social space marked by extremes of poverty and wealth’ (Scott 2001; see also Castells, 1996, Sassen, 1991). World cities often shared some important characteristics, such as the geographic location, a clear division of social structure and the comprehensive strength including political power and economic power. Sassen (1991) also claimed that the global city was a combination of spatial dispersal and global integration, and such city usually controlled a disproportion amount of world concern.
From the author’s perspective, some empirical identifications of global cities and global city-regions are a blurring city natural boundary...

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