World War One and Its Aftermath

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World War One and Its Aftermath Period 1 - The Scheiffen Plan - how it created a Stalemate ========================================================== * The plan was developed by German chief of Staff General Von Schlieffen in 1905 * It was developed due to the development of the Anglo-Russian alliance, and the plan meant to eliminate the chance of Germany fighting as War on two fronts. * The German Schlieffen Plan looked to a quick War - 'Home before the leaves fall' The Aims of the Plan -------------------- * Its objectives were to attack France first and take Paris within 6weeks, and then turn against Russia who were believed to be the greater and more difficult enemy, yet the slowest to mobilise. * The British weren't believed to participate in the war and therefore weren't thought of when making the plan * The plan depended on speed and surprise - using railways, which involved an attack through the countries of Holland and Belgium. * This attack through Belgium and Holland surprised the French, who believed if and attack came from the Germans it would be fought at Alsace on the frano-german border, not to the north of their country The French Plan - Plan 17 in 1913 --------------------------------- * The French had not believed the Schlieffen Plan had existed, and therefore made their own plan that involved the majority of the French troops deployed near the frano-german border, which left 2 thirds of the border with Belgium undefended. * This left the opening for the Germans and the success of the schlieffen plan. 2nd period - The Failure of The Schlieffen Plan
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