World War II in Europe

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World War II was after the war that was supposed to be “the war to end all wars”, but World War II started just over a couple decades later. World War II started because of Germany and Japan’s greedy wants of more land, and they were willing to use force to acquire it, spiraling many countries of the world into war. The total aftermath of this war ended up being 60 million people or 2.5 percent of the world's population at the time. The people who said WWI was the war to end all wars could not have had nightmares about the horrifying events of WWII.
World War II was a massive conflict across continents that ultimately caused by one man, this man being Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s rise to power began when he joined the Nazi political party in 1919 (Weinberg, Gerhard L.). Hitler was a great organizer and speaker which lead to him quickly rising to becoming the leader of the Nazi political party. The Nazi party gained supporters by using the economic depression Germany was in, by telling them they would restore Germany back to the way it was before the depression. In 1923 the Nazi party tried to lead a revolt against the German government, but it failed and Hitler was arrested and sent to prison for five years (Weinberg ). Hitler was tried and and convicted of treason sending him to prison.
Hitler ended up only having to serve nine months of his prison sentence. While in prison for his revolt to take over the government Hitler “wrote” a book telling of his racist beliefs and political ideas for Germany's future and conquering the rest of Europe. Hitler did not really write this book he had another person write while he ranted. It was called Mein Kampf , but the original title was "Four and a Half Years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidi...

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...r almost a decade of intense fighting all over the continent. This war was one of the worst that Earth has seen in the history of humans controlling the land. The amount of death in WWII was extremely high alone not to even add the Holocaust. The total death toll of the war over 60 million people which was 2.5 percent of the population. This war was a nightmare that could not be thought not be thought of by the minds of some of the most evil people, but Hitler was able to make it a reality.

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